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"You gave me a new perspective, and I've been in this business for over 30 years!"
~ Catherine A. Lyons, RN, MS, CNAA
Associate Director for Cancer Services, Strong Memorial Hospital
"You put hope in my heart..."

 ~ Pat Smith, former reporter for People Magazine,

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  Dave Balch will touch and inspire your audience and leave them feeling better about themselves, empowering them to better handle what life throws at them.

Dave was caregiver for his wife during her FOUR successful battles with breast cancer.  Now he is on a personal, full-time mission to help others deal with their life challenges.

  • Founder of The Patient/Partner Project, which he started when he had difficulty finding caregiver resources
  • Author, "Cancer for Two: An Inspiring True Story and Guide for Cancer Patients and Their Partners"
  • Entrepreneur who generated over $5 million from his home software business
  • Founder,, an online library of audio interviews with world-class experts who share their wisdom to help you cope.
  • Profiled in The Wall Street Journal - read the article here.


You Can Handle More
Than You Think You Can

Your Amazing Ability to be Brave and Strong

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A little humor (:53)


"Tahiti" video excerpt (2:50)

"Hat Party" video excerpt (4:02)


Full demo video (11:07)
(Includes earlier versions of
all three clips above.)


Dave Balch cared for his wife during four bouts with breast cancer. 
Now he's sharing what he learned about coping with personal challenges.

Profiled in The Wall Street Journal

Humorous, poignant stories plus powerful and inspiring videos from their experience
leave a lasting impression for long-term retention of key points.

Dave's story resonates with healthcare and corporate audiences alike, as the lessons he shares apply to most of life's challenges, not just cancer.

Healthcare audiences (whether or not in direct patient contact):

  • easily translate the cancer experience to many different illnesses
  • gain a new perspective on the patient experience, resulting in
    • better understanding
    • more compassion
    • improved patient care
  • learn coping skills they can share with patients who need them
  • learn coping skills they can use to deal with their own challenges
  • gain new appreciation for why they do what they do
  • earn 1 unit of CE credit (for appropriate professional staff)

Corporate audiences:

  • easily relate the cancer experience to other challenges in their own lives or the lives of friends and family
  • learn general coping skills they can use to deal with their own challenges, which will:
    • lower stress levels 
    • allow them to remain more productive
    • reduce "down time"

Dave supported his wife through four successful bouts with breast cancer, going with her to over 270 medical appointments and caring for her during six surgeries, two rounds of chemotherapy, and three rounds of radiation treatments. He did everything from bathing her to making her meals to changing her surgical dressings, all while maintaining his home software business and taking care of a ranch, two horses, two cats, two dogs, and a really mean parrot.

(She's doing fine now, and Dave takes all the credit!)

Most importantly, he and his wife both kept their sense of humor through it all (well, most of it) as they laughed and ate their way through the entire ordeal. Together.

Dave says that this experience, although difficult, was the most rewarding and fulfilling of his life. And, as a professional communicator, he is in the perfect position to help others. He has a unique, inspiring, and loving story to share, coupled with the experience, desire, and ability to share it.

Summary of Accomplishments: 

  • Profiled in The Wall Street Journal 
  • Author, Cancer for Two: An Inspiring True Story and Guide for Cancer Patients and Their Partners, approved by:
    • The Susan G. Komen Foundation
    • The Wellness Community 
  • Founder, The Patient/Partner Project
  • Sponsored by a major pharmaceutical company that:
    • purchased 35,000 copies of Cancer for Two
    • sent him to 41 programs in 19 states in 2007 alone!
  • Contributing author, Coping with Cancer magazine
  • Contributing author, Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Cancer Book

In his “previous life,” Dave spent over 30 years as an IT (Information Technology) professional in capacities as programmer, project manager, database administrator, and consultant.  In 1982 he developed a software tool for database administrators and programmers, which he sold into the corporate market from his home business for over 20 years.

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Watch video (11:07, includes videos from program)

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Getting From Burned-Out
to Pumped-Up!

How to Pursue Passion to Stifle Stress

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Watch demo video! (9:24)

Is your group working too much or too hard (or both)?

Burn-out is serious business that affects your business; reverse it by encouraging them to pursue their passions.

Many people don’t realize that their interests are actually within reach; when they do, they enjoy renewed energy and enthusiasm in all parts of their lives, including the workplace.

Dave knows, because his passion for solar eclipses has had a profound effect on his own life, keeping his stress levels in check and helping drive his business success. In this unique and memorable program, Dave illustrates using examples from his life as an eclipse chaser.

Exiting music and eclipse slides/video will inspire your group to get started right away!

“You took an unusual topic and made it exciting, powerful, dynamic, and kept your audience locked in on your high energy and positive delivery. You were brilliant.”

Jim Zinger, CSP, Hypmovation, Inc.

Download a printable one-sheet flyer of this program (requires Adobe Acrobat)

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How to Be Wrong 50% of The Time
Assumption: Its Causes, Effects, and What to Do About It

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How many business and personal decisions are your people making based on assumptions?

Really big decisions are often based on fact and plentiful research, but what about the smaller decisions; those day-to-day snap decisions which add up to have a tremendous impact on the success of a business or our happiness at home?

Stories and examples from Dave’s own life will illustrate just how dramatic an effect assumption can have. You can’t tame the “assumption beast” without awareness, and your audience will leave this program so aware, that everyone will be analyzing everything that everyone says about anything!

“Well thought-out and applicable to daily life”

Heather Brooks
Redlands Centennial Bank

Download a printable one-sheet flyer of this program (requires Adobe Acrobat)

“Assumption is the
granddaddy of all screw-ups!”

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